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Free Whitepaper - The Dos and Don'ts of the Transition to Cloud Computing
Our whitepaper "On-Premise to On-Demand: Product Migration or Business Transformation" provides, for the first time, the Dos and Don'ts of making the transition to cloud computing using's Platform-as-a-Service.
The whitepaper is a result of Navatar Group's extensive experience helping organizations with the business and technical aspects of moving to an On-Demand model. It establishes why established ISVs with On-Premise software products need to approach their move to the On-Demand model as a transformation of their business, as opposed to a technical product migration exercise. It highlights the challenges ISVs face
and examines the most common missteps during various stages and areas of this transformation. The SaaS whitepaper also provides strategies for success, including advice from companies such as Thomson-Reuters, CODA and Intralinks that have already been down that road.
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"SaaS isn't just about a paradigm shift in technology - it requires a fundamental shift, in your business and your culture. Taking your SaaS offering successfully to market and rallying your organization behind it demands a new way to run your entire enterprise - one that extends to every business function across your organization."
Polly Sumner , President, Platforms, Alliances and Services,
"Navatar Group's whitepaper provides a comprehensive analysis of the issues that businesses of various sizes face when transitioning to SaaS, as well as a roadmap to achieving SaaS success."
Ross Inglis, Vice President, Thomson Reuters
Download your free copy here
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